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New Education Options, Inc. is a California 501 c 3 with a national presence because of the every more important role that literacy plays in our schools, our homes and our economy.  It operates in Greater Los Angeles in public and charter schools in the San Fernando Valley having started in 1999 in public settings from bookstores to auditoriums to libraries.  Our “WaterBuddy” program evolved from after school weekday programs using interactive student centered approaches grounded in school standards, rigorous research, and arts in education modalities.

Using musical theater art forms, dance, composition, decoding and environmental print, the program won a California Hero in Education award from the California Lottery and a National Philanthropy Day medallion from Huell Howser at the Beverly Hills Hotel.  Why we have been so successful is the essential element to reading “Phonemic Awareness” housed in content that makes learning fun and vocabulary memorable.

We launched our meaningful and relevant programming in 2002 within the Beyond the Bell, and LA’s BEST and LA’s Bridges programs touring schools with live programming that uses Kenneth Grahame’s characters in modern settings, oral and written traditions, and music technology to build student motivation, performance, attendance, attitude, and behavior promoting recreational reading and seeding more and more language arts capacity.

Our goal is to grow to train teachers this year to serve 2000 children in 10 schools in the San Fernando Valley.  We are in the Annenberg training program for nonprofits to learn how to become the institution we need to be to serve young learners, schools, and educators with new products and services that build skills and success in school and in the community.

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