New Education Options 2017

Music creates a positive climate in classrooms-resilient learners unite around songs

NAMM Research and NAFME papers really matter.

We were able to bring real science and music edventures into child care. When the lesson plan combined drum circle concepts and roots of rhythm (PMC) ideas into activities the students would generate a spontaneous community.

A sturdy song became a 1st grade anthem last year.

With another of these folk music classics, the 4th graders in another classroom naturally made the song their anthem.

Combining subject matter maybe messy, but it unifies the Earth Sciences with Math and ELA studies and these “airs” worked their way into long term memory.

Participating children had the time of their lives doing real science while making a difference. With fires in Azusa and recently West of us and South of us, we are sure with the heat, it will help children exercise more safely and those with Asthma to understand why their mom says “it’s not a good time to skateboard” and switch over to swimming if “Splash” or a public pool are available nearby. We are working with UCAR to allow children to post their sky watching photos. They are learning to spell cloud names. Wow, IT and wonder. A new way to keep science journals.

NASA Langley Earth Science Studies

We used familiar items to do real science.


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