New Education Options 2017

Drum Circle Facillitator Training in Myrtle Beach

“Opini” new vocabulary for a baby that is “clinging” like a barnacle.  Eco-literacy for aspects and stages of childhood and child development.  Fun searches like “where’s Waldo?”…so much visual fun and a book to be read and reread. Maybe you can stay home and read to child this summer. Or do both read and then go out and drum!!!!!

It’s almost time to return to another Oahu training…2016.  Here’s what’s next….Hawaiian Playshop this year…sign up. 

If you can’t join us. Come to the Remo Recreational Drum Center for weekly classes. rolex replica if you can join in regional or local trainings or head to NAMM to experience the Village Music Circle experience.

No hesitation and learn about rhythmical evangelism….. following 20th Anniversary on North Shore Oahu 2015, you can take a Beat the Odds training or a Health Rhythms program.
Keep on keeping on. Clinging here is a great idea!


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