New Education Options 2017

Video Links

Here’s what young producers can do!!!!


 International Youth Summit: (It’s started in A.V., it traveled from LA, to Belise, to Sydney, to Serbia and several places and back again this summer will reconvene in Nepal! 

Thank you, founders Mrs. Cohen, Ms. Seubert, and Mr. Gleason and all the teachers!)

Thank you to this year’s NGO host.

Community Service Video about the impact of WaterBuddy and Musical Linguistics on Childcare Workers:

Title: It’s Elementary My Dear Video PSA from Cleveland High School Media Academy

 Boo, Drum Circle Facilitator and Artist from Seoul talks to Youth:

PSA impacts its producer- Salam comments

Frogware Youtube Channel:

Bill and LA’s Bridges:


Learning Resource Videos

Hawaiian Alphabet Song:


Ohana Song (We are Family)-Leon and Malia’s Keiki Calabash

Ola Hawai’i- Leadership from Hawaiian Principles- Thank you Kalani (Aloha Protocol)



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