New Education Options 2017

Our Team!

Lynda Reichbach: Board Member


Cliff O’Connell:Board Member


Dana Wellborn


Emmett and Joan McGuire:


Jim Stewart: Specialist


John Charnay:Development


Irwin Zucker: PR


Robert Hart: Food Development


Jeff Millar-Sax:Music Products


Nellie Hill:Recreational Music Making


Al Haferkamp: Tai Chi


Kathy Close:Specialist


Jody Jackson:Specialist


Evelyn Giang: Video and Media Development


William Elliott, Creative Director:


Robert Escalante:Design and Development


Elizabeth Hestevold: Arts Specialist


Evelyn Seubert: High School Media Academy


Cecilia Snow: Early Education


Joyce Alexson- Education: BA in Psychology from State University NY Buffalo, MA from NYU in Personality and Social Psychology, Ph.D. in Educational Psychology from the University of Southern California. Research Associate at the Neuropsychiatric Institute at UCLA (1980-1986) where she co-authored a dozen peer reviewed articles published in Education and Psychiatric Journals.  School Psychology for Burbank Unified School District for 27 years. Presently leader of the Joseph Campbell Los Angeles Roundtable (1997-present) and classical musician.

Marjorie Perfumo- Education: California Certificate for Educational Specialist from California State University Northridge, serving mild to moderate populations, 11 years teaching as a Special Educator at the Elementary Level in LAUSD and Culver City Unified, Resource Teacher focusing on Reading, Writing and Math.  Lifelong dancer, yoga and loving kindness and mindful awareness practitioner, mom, grandmother and past computer project manager and programmer for Citibank. Recent UCLA training certificate in Beat the Odds protocol at the Remo Recreational Drum Center.

Cheryl Gelling:

Dana Wellborn- Education: Ma in Rehabilitation Counseling from Arkansas State University, 1 year in Psycho-Educational Diagnosis Graduate Level, presently international photojournalist, freelancer specializing in Nature Photography (Animal and Landscape).  Genre publisher (Dew Drop Productions) of Inspirational Products and Services and a developing blogger.

Dr. Jody Jackson- Education: Ph.D. Interdisciplinary film and history, University of Miami, MFA in Motion Picture Producing, University of Miami, BA in Mass Communication and Minor in International Studies (University of Westminster, London, University of Madrid, Collaborating with the University of Queensland/Sydney), 1 year in the Blue Ridge Mountains doing “Ethnography and Documentary in Community”, University of North Carolina. Commercial documentary producing experience BBC UK, PBS Florida, ABC Australia.  Australian chairperson of Sister Cities International, Fort Lauderdale/Gold Coast, Australia. Currently working on the bonus feature documentary for “Hemingway and Fuentes” soon in release.  Health lobbyist for the Diabetes Research Institute and speaker for the American Diabetes Association. Traveling from Florida to California and Australia, her passions are children’s rights and their future through clean available water.  She is a enthusiastic mom and grandmother.


Executive Director:  Bo Lebo, Education: MA in Education, specialty “Musical Linguistics”, BA in Creative Writing, holder of 9 Adult Education credentials in Academic and Vocational Education, on committees for special needs adults and non-traditional learners. Artist in Residence at Gault Elementary School working with 10 school project and 2000 student English Language Development arts and science integration program(s) breitling replica.   Founder of the Los Angeles WaterBuddy Program and The Wind in the Willows Digital Literacy Tour – an educational musical theater collaboration with Mars 2030 and William Elliott serving Greater Los Angeles libraries, schools and bookstores.

Advisory Board Member: Nolan Luke, self-employed entrepreneur and successful business man, uncle, Southern Californian with a plethora of talents and industrial expertise.






“I’ve never seen any teacher who can gain teens’ trust so quickly.  I believe you are the “Pied Piper of Media Training”. – Media Advisor, Evelyn Seubert, Cleveland Media Academy, Cleveland High School, Reseda, CA.







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