New Education Options 2017

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Stepping up for the River on media- Toads Gate goes to the UN

Governor and Director celebrate the idea of linking cities and counties through music

104 City Hat launched at BEA in Chicago and linked another county to the Mindspan “Water Buddy” Initiative

The Kids and Mrs. Roosevelt encouraged the President to save The Wind in the Willows

Kitty Felde has mounted a solo show on Miss Alice in Washington DC

Improve on English

30 million words

Trillium was a pedagogic approach used in Europe.

The eyes and the brain are empowered by involved learning.






We are a trinity of disciplines unified by rigorous educational research and exploration.  We use brain based concepts with music and science to build children’s ability to appreciate water, build STEM vocabularies, and celebrate the role of the arts standards in their ability to do inquiry into history, culture, concepts, and storytelling that rolex replica can inform how they read and their sense of well being in school.

Formed in participation with the Mars 2030 program with the USDOE, JPL and NASA, we have honed our work with William Elliott’s “The Wind in the Willows” into a new integrative pedagogy dedicated to helping at risk readers to explore sign, symbol, sound, and meaning making in order to gain mastery in learning how to learn and confidence in the classroom as a member of a learning community and an individual in the discovery of words, distinct concepts, and academic habits.

SELA means Solutions in Education, Literacy and the Arts.


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