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Mountain lions are not coping with cars

Burbank has a coyote watch and so does Sierra Madres, but a mom mountain lion was killed by a driver and now her cubs may not make it. We live in Nature, but don’t own it…some would say we share it. Now they have to try and save these young mammals. Natural Treasures- Wildlife and […]

Music creates a positive climate in classrooms-resilient learners unite around songs

NAMM Research and NAFME papers really matter. We were able to bring real science and music edventures into child care. When the lesson plan combined drum circle concepts and roots of rhythm (PMC) ideas into activities the students would generate a spontaneous community. A sturdy song became a 1st grade anthem last year. With another […]

Everybody has a first lady…. more chocolates expected to be available this Spring.

Can we use chocolate as a driver in education? Other people do. Help us to underwrite programs for kids, parents, supplies and teachers.

NEO Facebook Page links to Greater LA – Social Media as a bulletin board

Stick your neck out and start an artists journal, a drawing, or a song? Why not?

IYMS where next? Help them raise funds.

I’ve been asked to join the Board. Here’s their summary of results. 2017 in Sweden! Back to Upsala? Who knows. Support this program. It rocks. Go to their pages to see the videos and hear about the teams involved and mini summits: Go Team LA!: Summary: Delegates and Issues: 2016 in […]

Network for Good this Holiday Season- Gifts for Education

This are our landing page to raise dollars to provide services to KidsFirst@Hamlin and for upcoming sites. Programs-Spring Gala School Readiness Research- Arbordale Library- Kids First Scholarships-

Waterbuddy- A digital literacy (STEM & STEAM) initiative